Events on Thursday, November 21st, 2019

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Berlinale Selection: I was at home, but...
When: November 21st
Time: 20:00
Where: ARTos Cultural and Research Foundation, Nicosia
Category: Cinema
Martha Mavroidi w/ Ventouris & Papadopoulos (GR), Larva (CY), Philippou/Koutis (CY)
When: November 21st
Time: 20:30 - 23:00
Where: Theatro Dentro, Nicosia
Category: Music
Trio Tekke
When: November 21st
Time: 20:30
Where: Nicosia Municipal Theatre, Nicosia
Category: Music

Starting this day

Breads for restaurant and hotel banquets
When: November 21st to November 22nd
Time: 10:00 - 21:00
Where: Mitsios Trading, Nicosia
Category: Educational
The in laws from Buckingham
When: November 21st to January 12th*
Time: 20:30
Where: Latsia Municipal Theater, Nicosia
Category: Theater

Started earlier and continue

A Doll's House
When: November 20th to November 22nd
Time: 20:30
Where: THOC Warehouse, Nicosia
Category: Theater
Water at the heart of science
When: November 20th to December 20th*
Time: See Description
Where: Institut Français de Chypre, Nicosia
Categories: Conferences | Lecture
Portraits and Figures
When: November 18th to November 30th*
Time: See Description
Where: Opus 39, Nicosia
Category: Art Exhibitions
Exhibition - 10 Years of Louvana Records
When: November 16th to November 23rd
Time: 19:00 - 23:00
Where: Prozak, Nicosia
Categories: Art Exhibitions | Social
Christmas Fairyland Nicosia 2019
When: November 15th to January 12th
Time: All Day Event
Where: Christmas Fairyland, Nicosia
Categories: Festivals | Kids and Family | Music
Nymphaeaceae | Stelios Kallinikou
When: November 15th to December 14th*
Time: See Description
Where: Point Centre for Contemporary Art, Nicosia
Category: Art Exhibitions
George Georgiades
When: November 13th to November 23rd*
Time: See Description
Where: Gallery Morfi, Limassol
Category: Art Exhibitions
Andreas Paraskeva - Familiar Beast
When: November 8th to November 23rd*
Time: See Description
Where: Apocalypse Gallery, Nicosia
Category: Art Exhibitions
14 Cypriot Engravers
When: November 7th to November 22nd*
Time: See Description
Where: Gallery Gloria, Nicosia
Category: Art Exhibitions
Innovative Flow Solutions / Head and Hand series
When: November 2nd to November 29th*
Time: See Description
Where: To Phytorio, Nicosia
Category: Art Exhibitions
Metamorphosis, Belgian Art 1860-1930
When: October 31st to January 27th*
Time: See Description
Where: Leventis Gallery, Nicosia
Category: Art Exhibitions
The Diary of a Anne Frank
When: October 11th to December 1st
Time: 20:30 (Sun:19:00)
Where: Anemona Theater, Nicosia
Category: Theater
1940 | People and Images. Cyprus - Greece
When: April 9th to December 31st
Time: See Description
Where: Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, Nicosia
Category: Art Exhibitions


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