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Following are the major annual events that take place in the Larnaca district every year.

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Larnaca Summer Festival

Larnaca Summer FestivalIn July residents and guests of Larnaca can enjoy a feast of entertainment at Larnaca Summer Festival organized by the Municipality of Larnaca. It is a festival of music and performing arts.

Dance, theater and music are performed by national and international artists. The program includes film screenings as well as poetry. The main venues are the courtyard of the Larnaca medieval fort and the Pattichion Municipal Amphitheater where outdoor concerts take place.

Larnaca Amateurs Artistic Creation

In November a special festival takes place in Larnaca called Larnaca Amateurs Artistic Creation. The event gives you the chance to become acquainted with local amateur groups and performing artists of Cyprus.

The program of the festival includes performances of choirs, orchestras, dancing groups and theatrical societies. All events take place at the Larnaca Municipal Theater.

For more information please call on 24 657 745

Larnaca Festival of Classical Music

The classical music fans should not miss the festival organized in April by the Larnaca Municipality.

The program of the festival incorporates performances of philharmonic orchestras, brass bands, room orchestras, quartets, classical singing and other. Participants from the previous years include Moscow Chamber Orchestra “Moskoviya”, the London Concertante Chamber Ensemble, soprano Marianna Suri and pianist Lilian Katsatrian, pianist Stefanos Droushiotis, Kiev Saxophone Quartet and many others.

All events take place at the Larnaca Municipal Theater.

For more information please call on 24 657 745

European Cultural Winter

Every winter Larnaca Municipality organizes a series of events under the main title European Cultural Winter. There are plenty of entertaining events to satisfy any taste whether you like ballet, orchestra performances, jazz or songs from international and Greek cinema.

Former participants include Lia Vissi and Elias Lougos, Bolshoi State Academic Ballet of Belarus, Ossipov Orchestra, vocal ensemble Diastasi, Los Esplendidos Paraguayos, the Music Group of Larkos Larkou, Italian jazz band SPA, 21st Century Symphonic Orchestra of Moscow, St. Petersburg State Ballet and many others.

All events take place at the Larnaca Municipal Theatre.

For more information please call on 24 657 745

Cyprus Seniors Cup

In May senior tennis players gather in Larnaca to participate in the Cyprus Seniors Cup. The sporting event lasts for eight days and is a part of the Tennis Europe circuit.

The tournament includes men’s, women’s, mixed, singles and double competitions on clay courts. The age of participants is 35 and above. Cyprus Seniors Cup is hosted by the Larnaca Tennis Club and is organized by the Cyprus Tennis Federation.

For more information please call on 22 449 860

Europe Day

9th of May is recognized as the Europe Day throughout Europe. This day European countries commemorate the founding of the European Union with special events organized to celebrate their European identity.

Larnaca also joins the party and organizes a series of events to mark the Europe Day. Festivities take place around the city in various venues but the main focus of the event is on the seafront.

Byzantine Days

During the Byzantine Days event you can experience the Byzantine ecclesiastical music and choirs’ performance. The event is organized by the Larnaca Municipality and takes place at Agios Lazaros church and Larnaca Municipal Theater.

For more information please call on 24 657 745


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