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Following are the major annual events that take place in the Nicosia district every year.

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Cyprus International Fair

Cyprus International FairThe Cyprus International Fair is the largest trade show in Cyprus and takes place in Nicosia at the end of May.

Every year hundreds of exhibitors display products and services of more than a thousand companies from Cyprus and all over the world. Furniture and household goods, electrical appliances, cars, travel goods and air-conditioning units are among the many products included in the show. The number of visitors who come to the Cyprus International Fair has been on the rise and are now over 100,000.

The Cyprus International Fair is organized by the Cyprus State Fairs Authority, a semi-government organization that was created specifically to run and promote the annual Cyprus International Fair. The first Cyprus International Fair took place in 1975.

For more information please call on 22 20 3600

Cyprus Independence Day

Cyprus Independence DayEvery 1st of October Cyprus celebrates Independence Day. This day Cypriots honour the day in 1960 when Cyprus gained independence from the British following a long and bitter struggle that lasted from 1955 to 1959.

1st of October is a public holiday. Schools, offices and many shops are closed on this day. Independence Day is celebrated with festivals at schools and communities, parades, parties and processions. The main event of the day is a big military parade, which takes place in the center of the capital. The day ends with an open reception at the Presidential Palace.

Cyprus Film Days

Cyprus Film DaysThe Cyprus Film Days is an annual festival that shouldn’t be left unnoticed by film-lovers. The event is organized by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture together with the Rialto Theater of Limassol.

The aim of the festival is to present a more complete and characteristic depiction of the international film scene. The movies shown at the festival are mostly from Europe and Asia.

The movies are screened at Pantheon Art Cinema and Cine Studio in Nicosia and Rialto Theater in Limassol.

Aglandjia Festival

This cultural festival used to be just three days long. Since 2007 locals and guests of the capital can enjoy the festivities for over 2 weeks. The festival takes place in summer, middle of June – beginning of July.

The program of the festival usually includes dance, theatrical and music performances. In 2007 there was a photographic exhibition organized as well. All events take place at the cultural center To Skali.

All events of the festival are free.

For more information please call to Aglandjia Municipality on 22 462 233

Rainbow Festival

The aim of this anti-racism multicultural festival is to bring people of all races together. It is organized by KISA (Action for Equality, Support and Antiracism) and takes place at Eleftheria Square Park in the center of the capital. The Rainbow festival joins together various migrant, asylum seeker and refugee community organizations and Cypriot human rights and cultural organizations.

The program of the festival includes music, songs and dances. There are also exhibitions and information kiosks where you can learn about the fight against racism and discrimination on the island. Kids also will find entertainment to their hearts as there is a children’s corner at the festival. You will also find a bazaar and plenty of stalls where you can try food from different countries.

The Rainbow festival usually takes place in November. Entrance is free. The event also takes place in Limassol at Molos Waterfront.

For more information please call 22 878 181

Pharos International Chamber Music Festival

This annual event takes place in May and lasts for about one week. Each year guests of the festival enjoy the classical music performances given by some of the world’s best musicians.

Chamber concerts, recitals and a lecture series are given during the festival. Events take place at PASYDY Auditorium in Nicosia and at the Royal Manor House at Kouklia. It is worth mentioning that the Royal Manor House at Kouklia is one of the finest surviving monuments of Frankish architecture on the island and a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is located next to the archeological site of Aphrodite’s Sanctuary.

International Chamber Music Festival is organized by Pharos Trust since 2000. It is supported by the Kouklia Community Council and the French Cultural Center.

For more information please call on 22 663 871

Ledra Music Soloists International Festival

This event takes you to the world of chamber music. International players attend the festival that lasts for two weeks. It is presented by Ledra Music Soloists and takes place in April in PASYDY Auditorium in Nicosia.

The festival consists of a series of concerts including a concert aimed at children.

For more information please call on 22 352 355


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