Events on Thursday, January 2nd, 2020

This day only

Nightstalker (Great Hallucinations)
When: January 2nd
Time: 21:00 - 00:30
Where: Downtown Live, Nicosia
Category: Music

Started earlier and continue

When: December 30th to January 5th*
Time: See Description
Where: Pattihio Theater Limassol, Limassol
Categories: Music | Theater
Vision it through me
When: December 29th to January 31st*
Time: See Description
Where: Elements Gallery, Larnaca
Category: Art Exhibitions
Pain and Glory (Dolor y gloria)
When: December 26th to January 8th*
Time: 20:30
Where: Pantheon Art Cinema, Nicosia
Category: Cinema
One for Sorrow
When: December 22nd to January 5th*
Time: See Description
Where: Egomio Cultural Centre, Nicosia
Category: Theater
Aristophanika - Art Exhibition by Costas Kafkarides
When: December 20th to January 4th*
Time: See Description
Where: Amorgos, Nicosia
Category: Art Exhibitions
Lolis Nicolaides - Under the Mediterranean Sky
When: December 18th to January 4th*
Time: See Description
Where: Gallery Gloria, Nicosia
Category: Art Exhibitions
Petros Ptochopoulos student exhibition
When: December 16th to January 4th*
Time: See Description
Where: Opus 39, Nicosia
Category: Art Exhibitions
Evelyn Anastasiou | A Well-Tempered Clavier
When: December 13th to January 18th*
Time: See Description
Where: Eins Gallery, Limassol
Category: Art Exhibitions
My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun
When: December 12th to January 8th*
Time: See Description
Where: Garage, Nicosia
Category: Art Exhibitions
Gokiburi Britney by Alexandros Kyriakides
When: December 6th to January 10th
Time: 19:00 - 22:00
Where: Korai Project Space, Nicosia
Category: Art Exhibitions
Art Gift Exhibition
When: December 3rd to January 3rd
Time: See Description
Where: Gallery 11 - Art shop, Larnaca
Categories: Art Exhibitions | Charity
Kostis Georgiou: Paintings & Sculptures
When: December 3rd to January 11th*
Time: See Description
Where: Gallery Morfi, Limassol
Category: Art Exhibitions
When: November 29th to February 29th*
Time: See Description
Where: Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, Nicosia
Category: Art Exhibitions
Christmas Fairyland Nicosia 2019
When: November 15th to January 12th
Time: All Day Event
Where: Christmas Fairyland, Nicosia
Categories: Festivals | Kids and Family | Music
Metamorphosis, Belgian Art 1860-1930
When: October 31st to January 27th*
Time: See Description
Where: Leventis Gallery, Nicosia
Category: Art Exhibitions


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