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Cyprus : Editta Braun Company (Nicosia)

Luvos, vol. 2 - probably the most weird and simultaneously touching vision of a brave new world of GMO's playing havoc with humanity, choreographed by Editta Braun. The piece plays with alienation and familiarity of the human body, both as an instrument and an object. What new surprises can intense views of the human body reveal? How can one define movement, body contact, nakedness, when it is nearly impossible, first, to figure out to whom each body part belongs? When one faces, so to speak, bodily illusions?

"Austria's currently most interesting choreographer lures us with Luvos, vol. 2 into a truly "brave new world". As if driven by invisible waves, five naked dancers lie and roll upon glowing red sand, new beings growing out of their legs. Pale, crab-like creatures striving sideways through the room, finding one another, mating and breeding new worms from which again other creatures emerge - a vision of a beautiful and erotic, yet dangerously artificial world." (Neue Kronenzeitung, Andrea Hein)

Dance movement research: Zoé Alibert, Magdaléna Caprodvá, Ulrike Hager, Sandra, Hofstoetter, Anna Maria Mueller

Choreography, sets: Editta Braun
Original composition: Thierry Zaboitzeff
Light design: Thomas Hinterberger

Duration: 55'

Editta Braun company's work is opposing the meshes of network of systemically legitimised constraints, that is gradually creeping into our everyday lives, by exposing themselves to conditions of production in the socalled third world.

Artistic productions and collaborations in India, Uzbekistan, Egypt or in Senegal: this is not just the experience of a reality "outside" - it is also the bringing-back of these experiences into the increasingly hermetic space of our societies.

Since 1989 the Austria editta braun company has been a guest at renowned festivals all over Europe, in Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Tunesia, Pakistan, Senegal, Uzbekistan, Russia, India and Japan. The process of creating emphasizes on the equal collaboration of artists from different disciplines. In this way dancers, actors, musicians, lightdesigners, visual artists join the company to collaborate under the same umbrella. From 1996 onwards the creation of her pieces has been inseparably connected with the music of composer Thierry Zaboitzeff.

This performance is part of the 12th European Dance Festival. You can buy a General Entrance card for all the performances of the festival in Pallas for €20. Admission free for students and dance professionals.


Saturday, June 27th, 2009
Time: Starts at 20:30


Rigainis and Arsinois
Paphos Gate, Old Nicosia
Nicosia, Nicosia Cyprus



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