Researcher's Night 2013

Cyprus : Researcher's Night 2013

The Research Promotion Foundation (RPF) in collaboration with the Municipality of Limassol and the Academic and Research Institutions of Cyprus, will organize for the eighth consecutive year, on 27 September 2013 the «Researcher’s Night» Event, within the framework of the European Marie Curie Initiative with emphasis on researchers.

The Event will take place at the «Evagoras Lanitis Centre». During the Event the public will have the opportunity to take part in research activities under the guidance of the researchers, and at the same time to be informed for various scientific issues, within a festive atmosphere which promotes the fact that researchers are "simple people", whose inclination is scientific curiosity and passion for research. Indicatively, some of the activities of the Event will be:

- «Games of Natural Sciences and Mathematics: Development of scientific and mathematical literacy for young children»,
- «Exploring the Brain»,
- «Be a seismologist for one night!»,
- « ‘Fishing’ embryonic DNA»,
- «Virtual Reality and Interactive Virtual Environments»,
- «Archaeology today: a person with no past is a person with no future»,
- «Games for speech development»,
- «The Magic of Troodos: mineral wealth, biodiversity and protection of the natural environment»,
- «Cook-games», and many more.

The main objective of the Event is to strengthen the public image of researchers and of the important role that they play within society, and at the same time to encourage young people to follow professional careers in research. It should be noted that similar Events will take place simultaneously in all European countries.
The Event will start at 18:00 and entrance for the public will be free.

For further information, please contact the responsible Officer at the Research Promotion Foundation, Mr. Pierantonios Papazoglou, Tel: 22205048 and Email: [email protected]


Friday, September 27th, 2013
Time: Starts at 18:00


Vasilissis Street
(Medieval Castle Area)
Limassol, Limassol Cyprus
Phone: 25342123




Pierantonios Papazoglou
Phone: 22205048

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