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Cyprus : Equilibrium Dance Theatre

If we are able to accept the contrasts, we can understand that synthesis leads to a new cycle and balance.

Equilibrium is the title of a unique performance to be held on November 4, inspired by YIN YANG's ancient Chinese philosophical tradition.

Under the guidance of the famous LMC Lockers, the award-winning Locking champions with world awards in dancing in France, UK, Cyprus and other countries, with participations and seminars in Asia and Europe, the group of young dancers from all over Cyprus is preparing to conquer the dancing scene.

Participating: Ivi Hadjivassiliou, Diamond Twins, Blaze, Eva Moreno, Katerina Tylliridou, Giannis Economides, Drain, Sharky, D-Prank, Flava, Chuckss, LMC lockers.

This theory wants to say that two opposing concepts such as the negative and the positive coexist in a harmonious and balanced way. The existence of these two poles creates the flow and the circular shape of life and is the essence of the creation and operation of the universe. Starting from the cycles of nature and life, day-night, summer-winter, birth-death, the Yin is symbolized by the moon and the Yang by the sun. In conclusion, our lives need both. When we manage to accept the contrasts, we understand that their synthesis leads them to a new cycle and balance.

By gathering a team of young dancers from all over Cyprus who are trained in completely different kinds of dance, we are working for the first time in Cyprus to represent the life cycle and explore how each of us with so many negative and positive emotions develops and evolves, our diversity.

Many believe that death is the most horrible and negative phenomenon in the world. But it is not, if it leads to the birth of something new. This is where the separation of dance dies (modern, Latin, urban styles ...) and as a new beginning, life is born, so here is born a new beautiful balanced form of art, and the dance, that once was separated by borders, becomes ONE.

The doors open at 18:30
The show begins at 19:30

Tickets pre-sale at Quantum Gym (Pasteur, 6 Agios Antonios) Phone: 22 777 724 and Rebel Dancers Academy (149 Strovolos Avenue & Kantaras Strovolos) Phone: 22 511 510.

For further information call at: 99979655 & 99299728


Sunday, November 4th, 2018
Time: 19:30 - 20:30


Rigainis and Arsinois
Paphos Gate, Old Nicosia
Nicosia, Nicosia Cyprus




Phone: 99979655

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