Spirit and Imagination - Anna Georghiou & Phil Bird

Cyprus : Spirit and Imagination - Anna Georghiou & Phil Bird

Anna Georghiou MA

My new paintings are inspired by the magic and majesty of Cyprus, Catalonia and Dartmoor, The worlds that lies beneath the veil, there waiting for us all to see and be part of if we choose.

My paintings show groups of figures in a timeless setting; offering viewer’s alternative possible worlds, questioning perceptions of reality and being, while embracing imagination and spirit.

In essence my new works have helped me to come to the simple realisation that there is a more mature and evolved way for all of us to live and be on this earth.

As an artist I do not create visual work’s which make negative statements about the current state of our world and time, Media, photography and journalism do this. As a painter I resist being drawn into the culture of fear and negativity that is dominant all around us and is constantly fed to us through main stream media.

Instead my work visualises a beauty and Spirit, an honesty and simplicity, showing our human potential to nurture, grow and be kind.

If we can resist being drawn into the culture of fear and negativity that is dominant all around us and is constantly fed to us through main stream media, humanity can evolve into a beautiful peaceful species, living consciously rather than by default.

Phil Bird, MA

A mythic magical light shines vividly in the painterly canvases of Phil Bird latest series of Paintings on show at kypriaki Gonia gallery in Larnaka.

Drenched in jewel like mysterious interior glow, these are paintings that have their origin “deep within the labyrinthine caves of the human psyche” to quote Anna Georghiou , Painter musician & fellow exhibitor in this their second joint show at the gallery.

Bird’s paintings invite the viewer to weave creative narratives from the exotic tableaux and characters he presents. These are travellers’ tales brought back from the subterranean realms of Orpheus. They celebrate the power of our intuitive imagination to reveal worlds evoked from beyond the merely mundane and rational scenarios of our everyday lives. They are food for the soul.

These dramatic visual stories are full of light and dark themes. Phil hopes you will unfold them in ways meaningful to yourselves. There are no right or wrong readings. They are like oracles and also like mirrors in which we can both loose and rediscover ourselves anew.

The Artists

Phil Bird M.A. ( Goldsmiths) & Anna Georgiou M.A (Northampton) have strong connections with the Cyprus Art Scene and spend their time between Cyprus, UK and Catalonia.

Phil led the foundation Course and also taught on Degree and post grad at Cyprus College of Arts /Cornaro Arts institute in Larnaca.

Anna studied at Cyprus College Of Art and went on to tutor on foundation Degree and postgrad courses and was an artist in residence at the college. They both worked alongside the College founder the late legendary painter Stass Paraskos.

Phil has shown his work professionally as a Painter and Art educator for over 30 years in UK, Cyprus , Germany , Spain and USA and has his work in many public and private collections.

Anna has represented Cyprus in Europe in touring exhibitions such as Divercity, organised by Cyprus ministry of culture , she is a member of EKATE.

Phil and Anna represented Cyprus via the British Council initiative beyond boarders in Jerusalem.

Both Artists have been represented in solo shows at Kypriaki Gonia, they have recently been awarded 2 large scale public mural commissions in Rio Roja De Ebre ,Catalonia.

The artists also work professionally as the musical duo Troubadours Garden, producing Cd’s of their Original Songs and instrumentals and perform internationally.

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 13:00 & 16:30 - 19:30
Saturday: 10:00 - 13:00


Monday through Saturday
From: Friday, April 27th, 2018
Until: Friday, May 11th, 2018
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45 Stadiou Street
Larnaca, Larnaca 6020, Cyprus
Phone: 24621109

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