MeNGELE: a dream for two people in a wagon

Cyprus : MeNGELE: a dream for two people in a wagon

Chorotopos presents the first Pancyprian show "Mengele: a dream for two people in a wagon" by Thanasis Triarides, directed by Savvas Mylona and Neoklis Neocleous, on Saturday 19/1/2019 at 8:30 pm at the ARTos Cultural and Research Foundation.

It is a work with elements of mystery, thriller and science fiction, where one setback succeeds the other. Outstanding issues of the past of two random passengers appear on a train wagon, where a sudden power failure becomes the beginning of a fatal play of life, death and eternity. No one knows how the game will end. Rules do not exist, except roles that change continuously. What is it that connects these two passengers and what is the truth about Auschwitz? How many masks will they have to wear and how many will they remove to see who they really are? No one can predetermine this and no one can ponder about it through their own eyes in such real darkness. But how can that be achieved?

Story line: Night fall in a train wagon -the only passengers, a man and a woman, unknown to each other, are waiting to arrive at the terminal just before dawn. Their travel plans change but so do their lives when suddenly a power failure occurs. While the two of them are locked up in the wagon they decide to play a role-playing game ... a mind game just to pass the time However, during that time there seems to have passed an "eternity" for them. The man decides to portray "Joseph Mengele ", Auschwitz's Angel of Death and the woman plays Esther's wife, the granddaughter of a Jewish survivor, a victim of the horrible experiments of Mengele. How important are these names and where will this game lead them? After all, what is it that really matters? The destination or the passenger sitting next to you?

Author: Thanasis Triarides
Direction: Savvas Mylonas / Neoklis Neocleous
Actors: Neoklis Neocleous, Salomi Ieropoulou Mylona
Stage design / Visual design: Savvas Mylonas
Music editing: Christoforos Christofi
Makeup / Production Assistant: Rafaela Ieropoulou
Lighting design: Nikos Mylonas
Social media : Angela Rizaki

Premiere: Saturday 19 January 2019 at 8:30 pm

Regular performances: Saturday at 8:30 pm and Sunday at 6:00 until 10 February 2019

Additional performances:
-16/2/2019 8:30
-17/2/2019 6:00
-22/2/2019 8:30

Production: «Chorotopos» Entrance: 14 euros / 12 euros
Information / Reservations: 22666610



On specific days
From: Saturday, January 19th, 2019
Until: Friday, February 22nd, 2019
Time: 20:30 (Sun:18:300)


64 Ayion Omoloyiton Avenue
Nicosia, Nicosia 1080, Cyprus
Phone: 22445455


€14 / €12


Phone: 22666610

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