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With the ‘brand’ new theatrical play by Spanish dramatist Paco Bezerra "The Little Pony" (first presented last February in Madrid), the PERSONA Theatre Company inaugurated the new theatrical season 2016-17 with the world premiere of the play in Cyprus.

"The Little Pony" is directed by Lea Maleni and translated by Maria Hatziemmanouil, with Set and Costume design by Constantinos Kounnis, Original Music by Stella Christou, Lighting design by Vasilis Petinaris and Multimedia by Emilios Avraam. On stage, Charis Charalambous and Lea Maleni.

The "Little Pony" is a play about family, diversity, school and social bullying, as well as parents and school’s stance towards children who act beyond the so-called "general rule". A theatrical play during which the parents are constantly talking ABOUT THEIR child, but never WITH THEIR child. A child, whose presence is indicated on stage only with a huge portrait in the living room. A portrait, on which, throughout the play all mental and emotional reactions, transitions and influences of the absent child are captured and recorded -as another portrait of Dorian Gray; as a reaction to what is happening at home and at school starting from the child himself, without him being present, as no one ever gives him the opportunity to have the right to speak and take stance towards all things that concern him and finally have a tragic effect on his existence.

The show was premiered in October and gave a total of eleven performances in Nicosia, receiving excellent reviews from both audiences and theatre critics.

"Little Pony" is based on true facts and is dedicated by the author himself to two children, Michael Morones and Grayson Bruce, who were tragic victims of abuse in 2014.

The Plot

It's September 11, when schools open. Irene and Heime’s ten year-old boy goes to class with his new school bag, which has characters from the famous series "My Little Pony", which is also his favorite. Then his classmates start laughing at and making fun of him, and gradually abuse him both verbally and sexually, thereby humiliating him. The head teacher, in an attempt to resolve the issue in order to put an end to bullying and acts of violence which are getting more and more dangerous, is trying to come to an agreement with the child's parents. The child’s parents disagree with each other on how to address the issue as well as the head teacher’s tactics thereby urging the child to ‘come to his senses’ and change his preference. But the child refuses to part with his bag, while the adults refuse to give up their selfishness and established positions...

Playwright: Paco Bezerra

Translator: Maria Chatziemmanouil

Director: Lea Maleni

Set and costume design: Constantinos Kounnis

Original Music: Stella Christou

Lighting Design: Vasilis Petinaris

Multimedia: Emilios Avraam

Assistant Director: Eleni Anastasiou

Stage manager: Katerina Kyriakou

Production Manager: Nicko Zavallis

Communication coordinator: Christina Constantinou


Irene: Lea Maleni

Haime: Harris Charalambous

Tickets: €15 (normal price), €12 (reduced price for school and university students, soldiers, retirees, unemployed, actors/ theatrologists)


Friday, February 3rd, 2017
Time: Starts at 20:30


Agias Zonis 6
Limassol, Limassol 3027, Cyprus
Phone: 25377277


€15 / €12


Phone: 70000138

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