α π ο χ ρ ω μ α τ ι σ μ ο ι - Lefteris Economou

Cyprus : α π ο χ ρ ω μ α τ ι σ μ ο ι - Lefteris Economou

"αποχρωματισμοί" (discolorations) is an exhibition featuring a selection of works by Lefteris Economou and relevant material from the personal collection and archive of the artist, owned and managed by his family.

The exhibition does not aspire to be perceived as a retrospective; instead it aims towards an in-depth investigation of Economou’s artistic disposition as encountered and documented in his personal archive. The works’ selection is not limited to his well-known paintings and engravings that brought him among the prominent artists of the second generation of Cypriot artists. It also encompasses drawings, sketches and other more experimental and less recognizable aspects of his work. Avoiding a strictly historical and evaluative classification of the works, it proposes a re-introduction of Economou’s oeuvre to the Cypriot public by bringing forward his procedures, processes, influences, pursuits, concerns and relations as creator and as professional artist.

The title of the exhibition reflects the approach and working method adopted in order to deal with Economou’s impressive body of work and relevant archival material that laid (up to now) in a closed context. Known for his extraordinary commitment to daily artistic labour, the artist also meticulously and tirelessly kept an archive of everything that his inherent sensitivity deemed relevant. The group of young cultural professionals assigned with the realisation of the exhibition was granted unconditional access to this archive. In order to reach the final result, the group adopted a mindset influenced by the concept of abstraction to uncover and expose qualities of Economou’s work, possibly outshined by his forceful colours and large scale paintings. During this process it became clear that it is possible to achieve a “discoloration” of his work from dominant perceptions and labels but not from the bright, warm and particular mediterranean light of Cyprus which remains present within the substance of his work even when colours are removed or are not there.

On the occasion of the exhibition a new publication with sketches and small drawings from the archive of the artist was produced and will be available in a limited number of copies.

Exhibition initiative: The Economou-Christoforou Art Gallery Exhibition Curator: Demetra Ignatiou

Lefteris Economou (1930 -2007) was born in Frenaros, in Ammochostos district. He graduated from the Elliniko Gymnasio Ammochostou where he was taught art by Telemachos Kanthos for two consecutive years. He studied art and pedagogics in London (Central St. Martin’s School of Arts, 1949-50/ Sir Cass College, 1950-54/ Goldsmith’s School of Art, 1954 -55). Among his teachers were sculptor B. Copnall painter and printmaker P. Drury. In 1955 he returned to Cyprus and started working as an art teacher in the public education sector. At the same time he showed great commitment to his atristic production and the daily artistic labour. He was an active member of the artistic scene of Cyprus and he is considered one of the prominent creators of the second generation of Cypriot artists. Among his works there are drawings, oil paintings, engravings, sculptures and murals. His subjects are in most cases inspired by his native land Cyprus and its people. His work is the result of a wide range of experimentations with various techniques, styles and scales that resulted in the articulation of various personalised visual manifestations. His work bears obvious influences from impressionist and postimpressionist movements, expressionism, cubist tendencies, fauvism and even orphism which have been filtered and infused in his practice. He has shown works in many solo and group shows mainly in Cyprus, Greece and the UK but also in the USA and India. In 1974 he was awarded the “Diplome d’ honneur” at the International Salon de Mai, in Biarritz France. In 1976 he represented Cyprus at the Cairo Biennale at the Inter-Grafik International Printmaking Exhibition in Berlin. He travelled a lot in order to keep up-to-date with artistic tendencies, he wrote short stories and he occasionally wrote about art subjects in local newspapers. His works are featured in public and private collections in Cyprus and abroad.

Opening: Friday 21 April 2017 | 8 p.m.

Exhibition Duration: 21 April-30 May 2017

Opening hours:0:00-12:00 & 5:00-20:00, Tuesday - Saturday


Tuesday through Saturday
From: Friday, April 21st, 2017
Until: Tuesday, May 30th, 2017
Time: All Day Event


16 Ammochostou Street
Niccosia, Nicosia 1016, Cyprus
Phone: 99034654


Phone: 22001508

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