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Cyprus : International Short Film Festival Oberhausen

Following the great success of last year’s Oberhausen International Short Film Festival Tour, in Cyprus, ARTos Foundation in collaboration with the Goethe Institut are proud to welcome the screening of the programs ‘Award winners 2018’ on the 23rd of October and the ‘Best of International Competition’ on the 24th of October at 20:00, at ARTos Foundation.

In the course of six decades, the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen has developed into one of the most highly acclaimed cultural events worldwide – a place where renowned figures like Agnès Varda, Martin Scorsese, Alexander Kluge and Werner Herzog first showed their films. Oberhausen is the world’s oldest short film festival and in the meantime also enjoys an excellent standing in the art scene, where short films and videos play an increasingly important role today.

Award winners (Screening 23rd of October)
Limerence (Yves Tumor)
Oliver Pietsch, Germany 2018
No dialogue, 5’30’’

Hirografo( Manuscript)
Eva Stefani, Greece 2017
Greek/English with English subs, 12’

Um filme para Ehuana (A Film for Ehuana)
Louise Botkay, Brazil 2018
Portuguese with English subs, 26’

Valea Jiului – NOTES
Alexandra Gulea, Germany 2018
Romanian with English subs 13’30’’

Magnificent Obsession
Zhong Su, China 2018
No dialogue, 26’’

In this selection of the prizewinners at the 2018 Festival, shower scenes in Oliver Pietsch‘s exceptional found footage work first transport us into the strange heart of cinema. In Eva Stefani‘s film, an aimless drive through Athens intensifies into a unique and atmospheric vision of the city. “Um filme para Ehuana” observes the life of a Yanomami community in the Brazilian rainforest. In this encounter, the power of every small gesture reminds us that we are in the midst of the forest and its denizens. In melancholy images and with a laconic voice-over, Alexandra Gulea portrays a decrepit Romanian industrial area in which mothers have left their children behind to work in the West. Finally, the epic “Magnificent Obsession” uses the example of contemporary China to tell about the quest for enlightenment, and about the relationship between the individual and the community and how the individual can live in its reality.

Best of International Competition (Screening 24th of October)
Matsu ga eda wo musubi (A Branch of a Pine Is Tied up)
Murata Tomoyasu, Japan 2017
Japanese with English subs, 16‘30“

Season of Goodbyes
Philippa Ndisi-Hermann, Kenya 2018
English, 14‘

My Mamma Is Bossies (My Mum’s Bonkers)
Naomi van Niekerk, South Africa 2017
Afrikaans with English subs, 3‘30“

Gikan Sa Ngitngit Nga Kinailadman (From the Dark Depths)
Kiri Dalena, Philippines 2017
Tagalog/Visayan with English subs, 27‘

Saladdin Castique
Anssi Kasitonni, Finland 2018
Finnish with English subs, 5‘30“

mais triste que chuva num recreio de colégio (sadder than playtime on a rainy day)
Lobo Mauro, Brazil 2018
Portuguese with English subs, 14‘

This programme, which includes some of the most interesting works from the 2018 International Competition, focuses on remembrance and personal or political farewells. While Murata Tomoyasu‘s puppet animation about the 2011 tsunami brings together present and past in a constant series of new combinations, the photo film “Season of Goodbyes” features a letter to a beloved person that explores connectedness and separation that accompany by life and loss. Naomi van Niekerk, on the other hand, remembers her mother between red wine and Puccini. Kiri Dalena revives the story of a Philippine rebel who drowned years ago by entering the water herself as an actively committed citizen. In Anssi Kasitonni‘s fairytale-like, picaresque work, nonsense comes into its own. At the end, the Brazilian Lobo Mauro combines the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff, labour reforms and the legendary 1:7 defeat at the 2014 football World Cup to create a bitter and angry assessment of the current state of the nation.

Free Admission
English subtitles


From: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019
Until: Thursday, October 24th, 2019
Time: Starts at 20:00


64 Ayion Omoloyiton Avenue
Nicosia, Nicosia 1080, Cyprus
Phone: 22445455


Free Entrance

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