Fragmented Realities

Cyprus : Fragmented Realities

The ‘Fragmented Realities’ exhibition creates a week-long episodic narrative at Beat Παζάρ Πολυχώρος, through the collaboration of nine local and international artists.

The varying techniques transform the space to a network of fragmented narratives that draw the viewers in through storytelling, allowing them to draw their own conclusions and interpretations.

The work is collectively influenced by both emotion, environment and the artists' life experiences, communicated in a variety of mediums. This multidisciplinary exhibition consists of illustration, painting, photography, typography, and jewellery by the artists Myria Nikolaidou, Christos Panayiotou, Alexia Papacosta, Ben van Eijk, Christos Panagiotou, Maria Paschali, Christina Antoniadou, Petros Kameris and Andia Doa.

Artist statements:

Myria Nikolaidou (illustration/ jewellery/ photography) is a multidisciplinary artist from Cyprus. Her work is inspired from her nomadic lifestyle, manga, nature and humanoid forms. She focuses on illustration and jewellery smithing, while her practice expands to painting, photography and ceramics. Her work creates a bond between raw and fluid fabricating a distorted view of reality and a peek into the artist’s universe.

Christos S. Panayiotou (photography/ digital manipulation) is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies. He holds a degree in Multimedia and Graphic Arts and through his art he explores the semantic manifestation of space, time and movement, as well as how it is reconstructed and expressed within a photographic framework. Specifically he explores how the deconstruction of the original photographic space could be reconstructed artificially in a different context.

Alexia Papacosta (illustration/ typography) was born and raised in Limassol, Cyprus. Working with acrylic, ink, markers, watercolor and other media. She mainly creates abstract pieces of art, combining geometric shapes and typography. Alexia draws inspiration from music, the urban culture, lifestyle and travelling.

Ben van Eijk (illustration) was born and has spent most of his life in Australia, surrounded by nature he has an organic feel to most of his artwork. He is now based in Amsterdam displaying his artwork in the international hub Amsterdam. His two main styles are black and white comical surreal illustrations and mixed media vividly coloured artworks, both on paper.

Christos P. Panayiotou (photography, painting, digital manipulation): Christos P. Panayiotou loves freshly cut coffee, golden scarabs and mini retro bookstores. In his spare time, he gathers newspaper clippings, which he places into a large red notebook. He also collects butterflies and leaves from the trees and then he puts them in small frames and gives them to friends. At nights when he needs to hang out every month on the full moon, he secretly whispers the magic words.."nothing less and nothing more than anything. I did not seek and i did not find the fall. but eventually it was present. my bravest act. allowing in the end yourself to fail, testing in parallel all your greatest fears
Maria Paschali (photography/ typography) is a multimedia and graphic artist. Art has always been an enormous part of her life. She loves to combine art photography with typographic elements and creates something new. It’s a way to express herself with a strong emotion and pass a powerful meaning through the art.

Christina Antoniadou (photography): Self taught photographer. Taking pictures since 2008. Specializing in nature and urban photography in Limassol, Cyprus, Christina's work focuses on abstract views of trees/foliage and the details of the built environment.

Petros Kameris (photography): Νature and urban scapes, portraits and human body, street photography and others… Even before his photography studies, Petros explored the different shapes of Light and Life.

Andia Doa (painting/ illustration) tends to believe that she is going to do things that she never does. She draws occasionally.


From: Thursday, March 29th, 2018
Until: Thursday, April 5th, 2018
Time: 16:30 - 22:00


20 Chatziloizi Michailidi Street
Limassol, Limassol Cyprus
Phone: 99849560

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