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Cyprus : Evdokia Kyrkou - Lifenet

Conceptual artists are mystics rather than rationalists. They leap to conclusions that logic cannot reach
Sol Lewitt, 35 sentences on conceptual art

Penindaplinena Gallery is pleased to present the Window Project of Evdokia Kyrkou titled Lifenet. Evdokia Kyrkou is a Cyprus – born artist who lives and works in her atelier in Athens. She graduated from Athens School of Fine Arts while she has additionaly studied Graphics, Printing, Photography, Scenography, subjects in which she is interested as well. Up to now, she has a vigorous participation in many collective exhibitions. Some examples to refer : Students of Fine Art Schools Biennale, Sofia Paper Art Fest (in Bulgary), “Why cinema now?” exhibition connected with 50th Thessaloniki International Film Festival. This time she is going to present an installation named “Lifenet”.

First of all, this work is in some way an intervention: an unusual group of things (simple sheets of paper variously tied with yarn) is placed in an unexpectable position (a lighted display window) catching the eye instantly. Τhere is no doubt that this unforeseen view gripes the coming visitor; moreover, it detains every passenger to glance it by lack. Although it is found into specific spatial margins it sends its message to everybody. The act of viewing it can cause disparate reactions: surprise, questions, maybe some intense thougts. Nobody would expect so many scenery effects to be derived from such a common stuff.

As for the materials, this luck of nobility is a usual choice in works that desire to express an idea in artistic means. At the same time the viewer is called to fullfill this attempt with his mental participation in it. The humble, white sheets of paper -originally used for photocopying- that construct the work here are actually transformed into fields of memory. Anyone can fill them based on his own thougts and undergoings. Between them we find yarn -a beloved mean of artistic exression for Kyrkou- as the main link. Yarn is at the same time robust and delicate. Just as life. At times life makes its own bigger or smaller gordian knots to unravel them at some other times. Just as yarn does. Yarn goes through all these sheets of paper; life is being dominated by personal and collective memories. Life constantly reorders experiences; yarn kreates inumerable knots in different heights. It is obvious that this artistic process has been stimulating by the idea of life.

We are free to weave our “Lifenet”. Thats for, freedom of choice has been the second main stimulus for this work. An attempt to bring us in touch with such an idea seems to be its essential goal. Black colour is wisely chosen for the connecting yarn. This way the reference to a great true becomes clearer. In all historical times art has managed to approach such conceptions much better than reason. In other words, “Lifenet” by Evdokia Kyrkou is an artistic effort to present the daily struggle between ourselves and our choises. - Maria Karaiskou Art Historian

Opening: 12 April 2013, 20:00

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