A Cloud Passing Over Cairo

Cyprus : A Cloud Passing Over Cairo


"In Nicosia within the Walls, and more specifically into one of its mysterious whereabouts - the open yard of Glavkos Koumides’ atelier - the artist will exhibit two of his works, alongside the works of sculptor Phanos Kyriacou. Accepting my invitation, each artist adds his own creation, in order to complete a work by Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin, that is part of T. A. Gkekas - the Office collection. The polyptych is entitled "THE PRESTIGE OF TERROR", a series dedicated to a text by the Egyptian surrealist George Henein, that was conceived as a reaction to the atomic bombing in Japan. "THE PRESTIGE OF TERROR" consists of sixteen pieces on weathered paper that reminds us of posters in an urban landscape. Broomberg & Chanarin, through pithy sentences written in English and in Arabic, try to condemn violence and educe positivity, following the path of the Egyptian surrealist.

Glavkos Koumides, will present two of his most recent works, one with clear references to jazz music, and another one concerning the not so clear relationship between journalism and political power. In addition, Phanos Kyriacou’s contribution to the show, will be a new sculpture and a stop-motion video from 2010. Both works reassess the relation between information, object and society.

The exhibition’s title: "A CLOUD PASSING OVER CAIRO", which is part of: "THE PRESTIGE OF TERROR" series, remains open for the audience to interpret it, throughout the duration of the show."

Duration: May 2nd, to 14th 2019

Visiting hours: Monday to Friday, 18:00 - 20:30 and Saturday 10:30 - 13:00 or upon appointment

Opening: Thursday, 02.05.2019 at 19:00 - Welcoming drinks: Lost and Found – DJ: Tony Cusack
Location: Eptanisou 103, 1016, Nicosia within the Walls

Info: [email protected], T +357 99848495


Monday through Saturday
From: Thursday, May 2nd, 2019
Until: Tuesday, May 14th, 2019
Time: See Description


32 Kleanthis Christofides Street
Nicosia, Nicosia 1011, Cyprus
Phone: 99848495


Phone: 99848495

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