11th European Dance Festival

Published on Saturday May 3rd, 2008

A very important international dance meeting with the participation of 15 European countries is going to be presented the next two months at the Rialto Theatre. A feast of contemporary dance meets all the trends, the dynamics and the new forms of the international contemporary scene through the works of representative groups of each country.

The Ministry of Education and Culture, has proceeded with the initiative of introducing the institution of the “European Dance Festival” 11 years ago. The increased level of participation by EU member states with performances and workshops is a clear indication that the Dance Festival is becoming an annual highlight of the European arts and culture scene.


May 7
Spain / Compaaia LOSDEDAE
“ONIONS” / Choreographer: Chevi Muraday

May 12
Croatia / Tala Dance Center
“Out of Service” / Choreographer: Keren Levi

May 15
Austria / Tanz Atelier Wien – Ensemble
Itinerario Divertimento / Choreographer : Sebastian Prantl

May 17
Italy / Astra Roma Ballet
Terra Nostra – Choreographer: Enrico Morelli & Daniela Megna

May 25
United Kingdom / Scottish Dance Theatre
Sorry for the Missiles / Choreographer: Vanessa Haska
In the Middle of the Moment Choreographer: Uri Ivgi & Johan Greben
Tenderhook/ choreographer: Liv Lorent

May 27
France / CNN – Ballet de Lorraine,
La nuit des interprètes / choreographers: J.Ficely, F.Sullivan, J. Garnier, S. Petronio, R. Maliphant, M. Monnier, J. F. Duroure

May 29
Sweden / Virpi Pahkinen
Sepia longa, Aspectus brevis
Meretseger ( she who loves silence)
Choreographer: Virpi Pahkinen

May 31
Finland / Tommi Kitti & Co
Darlings / Choreographer: Tommi Kitti

June 3
Poland / Polish Dance Theatre
Nemo Saltat Sobrius Choreographer: Örjan Andersson
Wo-man in tomatoes / Choreographer: Yossi Berg

June 6
Switzerland / Cie Philippe Saire
Est-ce je peux me permettre d’attirer votre attention sur la brièveté de la vie? / Choreographer: Philippe Saire

June 10
Holland / Galili Dance
Heads or Tales / Choreographer: Itzik Galili
When you see God… Tell Him

June 12
Germany / wee dance company
Kurzstrecke/ Choreographers: Tomi Paasonen, Dan Pelleg, Gundula Peuthert, Sommer Ulrickson, Marko E. Weigert

June 17
Hungary/ Compagnie Pal Frenak
Fiuk (The Hidden Men)/Choreographer: Pal Frenak

June 21
Greece/ Iros Aggelos dance theater
In readiness / Director – choreographer Petros Gallias

June 23
Noema Dance works/ Terminus
choreographer: Alexandra Weierstall
Jeunesses Musicales/ Nothing /choreographer: Milena Ugren Koulas
Chorotheatro Omada Pente/ 3– fold/Choreographer: Roula Kleovoulou

Dance Workshops
16/05 / 2008 Austria – Sebastian Prantl
24/05/2008 United Kingdom – Scotish Dance Theatre
28/05/2008 Sweden – Virpi Pahkinen
09/06/2088 Netherlands – Itzik Galili
(for dance teachers, choreographers & students)
All the Workshops will take place at the Dance House Lemesos
Workshop coordination:
Anna Charalambous – 99445511, [email protected]

Entrance 5 Euro (20 Euro for all performances)
Entrance free for Students and Dance Professionals

All performances start at 20:30

Free transportation from Nicosia at 19:00
Departure opposite the Hilton (Entrance: Kennedy Avenue)


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