Play... And then what?

Cyprus : Play... And then what?

Narrating and dramatizing from Teatro Angelico's Paramythalou, along with hand-crafted Marot puppet dolls)

It is a project that highlights the emotional value of the game for each child, but without touching the limits of waste and disrespect for the game itself. What matters here isn’t the great many ... but the "few" ... the few who deserve so much. Finally what is a game for us? The answer is in our play. Through the theatrical play children "live" the fairy tale as if they were the protagonists of the story.

The project: What can happen to Mr Spyros small toy shop, where he used to collect old toys to fix them when Mr Pavlos opens a large department store of games in the Christmas season? Well people have clearly shown their preference. The small toy has to close of course! This is the decision Mr Spyros takes - close down his beloved shop. Little did he know that the toys he cared for, for so long, have acquired their own soul and decided to help Mr Spyros in their own way? What happens when they try to complicate the situation and inadvertently put Mr Spyros in prison? What happens in Mr Paul's luxury shop? The marvellous and terrific journalist of the city keeps you informed of all these developments.

Text / Drama / Manufacturing of Doll: Angela Rizaki

Theatro Polis: 10-12 Tempon str. Nicosia (old electricity)
Duration: 45 '
Entrance fee: 6 euro


Saturday, December 30th, 2017
Time: 12:00 - 12:45


10-12 Tempon Street
Palia Ilektriki
Nicosia , Nicosia Cyprus




Teatro Angelico
Phone: 99753388

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