Corpus in Tempus by Lenia Georgiou

Cyprus : Corpus in Tempus by Lenia Georgiou

OPEN CALL to performers, dancers, play-writers, actors, visual artists, and anyone with previous experience of the creative use of the body to participate in the experiential and experimental performance art workshop Corpus in tempus.

The workshop is mainly addressed to professionals and semi-professionals, preferably trained artists.

The theme of the workshop is based on the exploration of time itself. The perception of time in important and perhaps decisive instances of our lives. How much length/duration may a moment have and how is it determined? How is the duration affected by the physical and therefore mental engagement of the subject? The workshop will act as an experimental stage where participants are invited to explore the broader and also the more subjective concept of time.

This workshop will attempt to investigate various physical exercises introduced by great masters like Laban, Grotowski and Butoh exploring possible time speeds, body improvisation, kinesiological action reaction, stillness and a new symbolic corporeal alphabet. The participants will also be given the opportunity to give their personal experience at the workshop. The final goal will be to explore the original expression in time with a performance which will revolve around the utilization of the body.

According to science man perceives and has a '' linear '' perception of time, which begins with his birth and ends with his departure from the perceived universe. Philosophical concepts of science (space-time) contain not only the body itself but its actions as well, while for Merleau-Ponty phenomenology simultaneously offers a recording of an "experiential" space, "experiential" time and "experiential" world.

Interested artists should send their portfolio link, CV and write a short text no more than 300 words explaining why they want to participate in this workshop. Send to [email protected], until the 10th of February, with subject title ''Corpus in tempus participation.''

Participants: 12

Language: English

Participants will have to attend all meetings.


From: Friday, February 24th, 2017
Until: Tuesday, February 28th, 2017
Time: 10:00 - 17:00


33 Pentadaktilou Street
Nicosia, Nicosia 1016, Cyprus
Phone: 22349595




Λένια Γεωργίου
Phone: 96586535

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